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June 2010

Texas GOP Becomes the No Blowjob Party

The Texas Republican Party has unveiled their election platform and it seems they’ve gone even further to the right. Plus they’ve added some nice woo as well. Like their plan to “oppose the implementation of one world currency”.

The Rift Between Skepticism and Atheism

There has been a great debate raging within the Atheist and Skeptic groups throughout the country. Should Skepticism be considered Atheist? I think two things need to be pointed out before I begin. First: Not all Skeptics are Atheists and not all Atheists are Skeptics. Second: I am an Atheist. I make this distinction because […]

First Post!

Welcome to the Beta test of the Michigan Skeptics site! Feel free to look around. There isn’t much yet. The forum should be working though so feel free to register and say hi! I expect to have the site and group completely within a week or two. As a new group we’re also looking for […]