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August 2010

The 35th Anniversary of Global Warming

Global warming is turning 35! Not only has the current spate of global warming been going on for about 35 years now, but also the term “global warming” will have its 35th anniversary next week.

Announcing the Michigan Skeptics Get Together!

We will be having our first Get Together on Saturday, September 18th at 4:00 PM in Ginger Restaurant in Canton, MI

A Skeptical Evening with Two Paranormal Investigators

On Wednesday MISkeptics went to an event hosted by Chris Lindsay of the Ann Arbor Science and Skeptics Meetup group. I had been excited about going to this for quite some time since Chris had managed to schedule 2 (count ‘em, 1 and 2!) Paranormal groups to the event. I was looking forward to talking […]

Penn & Teller Take on Anti-Vax on “Bullshit” Tonight

Tonight is a new episode of “Penn & Teller: Bullshit” and this should be a good one. This time they take on the anti-vax groups. Click for a Preview.

Come and Chat with two Real Paranormal Investigation Groups!

The Ann Arbor Science & Skeptics are meeting up this Wednesday, on August 11th at El Camino Real. We will enjoy some tasty Mexican food and cerveza/margaritas/soda and discussing ghost-hunting.

New study presents unmistakable evidence for global warming

For quite some time now, the evidence that the Earth is warming up has been piling up. Study after study has shown this, and that’s why the vast majority of scientists agree on it. And now, to pile on even more, a large NOAA study has been released reiterating this fact.