Announcing the Drunken Skeptics Podcast!

I want to thank everyone that attended our first Get Together. The turnout was better than I could have hoped. The discussions ranged from intelligent to bawdy and everyone had a great time! There was also an unplanned impromptu trip to the ice cream shop for some skeptical ice cream.

Most of the Get Together

This is most of the people that attended our first Get together. I could not get an angle that would fit everyone.

I had promised that I was going to reveal a big secret project that we had been working on these past several weeks. And it was a good one. As you can tell from the title we are producing our own podcast! It will be hosted by myself, Michelle Lester-Bell and Chris Lindsay.

We’re going to be a bit unique from other podcasts. Our main goal is to take a logical and critical view to current events and news, plus try to shed a skeptical light on them. Our intent is to not only get you the facts and the data but to show you where to get them as well.

We had planned on releasing our first show on the same day as our first Get Together, but unfortunately we have to push back the release for a week. So in a week from now be sure to download The Drunken Skeptics Podcast Episode Zero: Orientation.

There are already some great things in store coming up in future episodes. Chris Lindsay managed to get a fairly lengthy interview with the head of an anti-vaccination group. I have an interview lined up for a journalism legend here in Michigan, Jack Lessenberry. A man with over 30 years in the industry.  We are taking ideas for episodes as well. If you have an idea that you think would be great for the Drunken Skeptics please email it to: [email protected].

More great things are coming down the pipe. Be sure to stay tuned to the blog and participating in the forums.

Remember to keep thinking!

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