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November 2010

Iran claims Mark Zuckerberg is a Mossad agent.

I’ve always been a fan of conspiracy theories. The crazier the better. That’s why I simply HAD to write about Iran’s latest attempt at mass stoopidity.

Good Morning America Touts Homeopathy as Flu Cure

This morning on Good Morning America, they brought a guest on to talk about flu prevention and cures for children. The guest was Dr Lawrence Rosen of the Whole Child Center in Oradell, New Jersey. Generally not a big deal right? They have stuff like this on all the time right? Unfortunately this is a big deal.

The Dunning Brian Effect: Episode 4 of the Drunken Skeptics Podcast

Here is the next episode of The Drunken Skeptics Podcast!

In this episode, we talk with Brian Dunning of Skeptoid. An outrageously popular weekly audio podcast dedicated to furthering knowledge by blasting away the widespread pseudosciences that infect popular culture.

A Skeptical Chat With…Peter Sinclair of ‘Climate Denial Crock of the Week’

This is a blog series where I interview writers, bloggers, podcasters, etc. about topics relevant to science, skepticism, and critical thinking. Today I speak with Peter Sinclair about his website at Climate Crocks, and he answers my questions regarding his interest in Global Warming.  Hello and thank you for taking the time to answer some questions about the […]

Henry Pollack, Ann Arbor Science & Skeptics Meet Up

Scientists have discovered ways to study the earth’s climate, going back millions of years and those who specialize in studying ancient climates are known as Paleoclimatologists. Paleoclimatologists use natural elements in the environment to find “proxy climate data” related to the past. Studies of these types use several different methods of collecting data, so they are assured of forming the most accurate analysis possible.

The Limits of Science

Plenty of today’s scientific theories will one day be discredited. So should we be skeptical of science itself?

Steve Martin’s gospel song for Atheists

From this year’s Austin City Limits, the only television show to spawn a music festival, Steve Martin & the Steep Canyon Rangers created an a capella gospel song for Atheists.

Large Hadron Collider (LHC) generates a ‘mini-Big Bang’

The Large Hadron Collider has successfully created a “mini-Big Bang” by smashing together lead ions instead of protons.

Who was Guy Fawkes Anyways?

It was a good movie. Don’t get me wrong. Plus it’s one of the few movies that did a good job of translating graphic novels to a movie. I am of course talking of V for Vendetta. The film came out in 2006 and grossed $70 million. It became an instant cult hit and annoyed me in the following ways:

The November Michigan Skeptics Get Together

Our next Get Together will be on Saturday, November 13 at 4:00 PM. Please be sure to RSVP so I know how many are coming. We seem to be outgrowing the venue rather quickly. We also set up a Meetup group to help organize the events. Please register and RSVP!