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February 2011

Bonus Podcast Interview with Dr. Robert Price

While the Drunken Skeptics podcast is on hiatus, Chris got to talk with Dr. Robert M Price (Point of Inquiry, The Bible Geek) about something he’s particularly passionate about – the music and lyrics of Rush.

An Evoloved Mutation Allows Hudson River Fish To Adapt To Pcbs

An Evoloved Mutation Allows Hudson River Fish To Adapt To Pcbs. In a study published in the February 18, 2011, online issue of Science, they report that a population of Hudson River fish apparently evolved rapidly in response to the toxic chemicals, which were first introduced in 1929

An Evening With John W Loftus

Attention An evening with John Loftus Dan Hall member of Great Lakes Humanists Society is looking to drum up interest in a speaking engagement with John Loftus former Pentecostal Preacher now Atheist with an earned bachelor’s degree from Great Lakes Christian College, two master’s degrees from Lincoln Christian University, a Master’s of Theology degree with […]

Indian High Court Rules Astrology is a Science

The Bombay High Court has ruled that Astrology is a science and that real scientists have to accept them as their colleagues.

Homeopathic Quackery and Pharmacists

Homeopathic products being sold by pharmacists

The Thank Hitch Project

Record a video of yourself saying thank you to Hitchens for all his hard work over the years. In case you didn’t know, he’s dealing with a very rough disease right now. You see, Hitch has Esophageal Cancer. It is currently in Stage 4 and has metathesized to his lymph nodes. He talks about it in his Vanity Fair column and in this interview with c-span. In his latest interview he states how he loves receiving correspondence. Well short of starting a letter writing campaign and since my handwriting is terrible, we decided to do the next best thing. Michigan Skeptics has started the Thank Hitch Project. The goal of this project is to send a thank you video. This video will be made up of clips of each and every one of us saying thank you for all he’s done.