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March 2011

The Drunken Skeptics Podcast: Episode Supplemental

While the Drunken Skeptics remain on hiatus, Chris flexed his interview muscle and brought us an interview with Ben Lillie and Brian Wecht of Story Collider.

The results of a real “vaxed versus unvaxed” study

The anti-vaccine movement has hit upon a new strategy. Specifically, they are demanding what they like to call a “vaxed versus unvaxed” study. Basically, their claim is that unvaccinated children are so much healthier than vaccinated children, and they think that such a study would prove it. Of course, they only hit on this message after making some rather embarrassing missteps.

Coal Ash Is More Radioactive than Nuclear Waste

By burning away all the pesky carbon and other impurities, coal power plants produce heaps of radiation. Power plants concentrate the trace amounts of radioactive elements within the black rock

The Great Michigan UFO Chase of 1966- part 5

UFO Sighters Do Not Believe USAF Experts Fort Scott Tribute (Kansas): March 26, 1966. DETROIT, Mich. (AP)- An expert’s opinion that some of objects- UFO- probably were swamp gases may have convinced the Air Force but not the people who saw them. “I’m no professor, and I’m not as educated as him, but I think […]

The Great Michigan UFO Chase of 1966- part 4

The Dexter Leader: March 24, 1966.

Though descriptions vary, it is certain some kind of unidentified objects were sighted in the Dexter area again Sunday night between 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. …

The Great Michigan UFO Chase of 1966- part 3

The Saucers Take a Night Off

The Detroit News: By Morgan O’Leary

DEXTER, Mich., March 22- A violinist tried music and a scientist used an intellectual approach, but nothing could entice Michigan’s mysterious “phantom airships” down to earth last night. …

The Great Michigan UFO Chase of 1966- part 2

Washtenaw ‘Spaceships’ Elude Pursuers The Detroit News: By Jerome Aumente After sightings, the witnesses put together this composite drawing at the Washtenaw County sheriff’s headquarters, showing the lights, surface and antenna. DEXTER, Michigan, March 21.- Mysterious flying objects emitting strange sounds and lights were pursued by police and civilians last night, including a man who […]

The Great Michigan UFO Chase of 1966- part 1

In preparation of the upcoming Michigan Skeptic Meetup on March 12th where we will have a presentation on the UFO sighting in Michigan 45 years ago, over the next week I’ll be posting actual newspaper articles that chronicle the events that took place in March, 1966. I dug up these articles after visiting the Dexter […]

Arsenate-Tolerant Bacteria from Mono Lake. Part 1: Another Perspective

Figure 1: Metabolism of arsenic compounds in bacteria Arsenic (As) is widely distributed in the lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. Discovered in 1250 by Albertus Magnus, it has since become synonymous with poison. As, the 33 element on the periodic table, falls just below phosphorus (P), meaning that As shares physicochemical properties with that of P, […]