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April 2011

One Week Left to Submit your Thank Hitch Videos

I was originally going to close the project to submissions this weekend but a request from another group has convinced me to extend it one week. So that means I will be accepting no more submissions after May 7th.

Does Believing in Bizarre Conspiracy Theories Tell More About the Person?

K now any conspiracy theorists? No doubt they’ve tried to convince you that man didn’t really land on the moon or President Obama was born in Kenya. In fact, they were imparting genuinely interesting information — about themselves. New research suggests belief in such theories may reveal a Machiavellian mindset.

Partly Cloudy With a Chance of CO2

I have been having a conversation that started about a week ago concerning an article that ran on Financial Times web site. But I am not really sure that lack of information is purely the problem. Some of the problem is people reading headlines and assuming they mean one thing, then to actually read the content of the article and find it is not as it seems. “U.S. Greenhouse Gases Drop to 15-Year Low” This was clearly a misleading Headline.

The Thank Hitch Project Will Be Closing Soon

Time is running out to submit your video for the Thank Hitch Project. I will be closing the project for submissions so we can start moving to video editing soon. Be sure to get your video made and submitted. I will be selecting a deadline soon and will have to honor it.

The World is Ending. So Let’s Have a Party!

As you probably already know, May 21st is the End of the world… So let’s get together and party! We’re having an End of the World Party At Ginger starting at 4:00 PM. There will be games, Prizes, really bad humor and let’s not forget the end of times jokes!

A new product that’s the bee’s knees!

I wasn’t sure where to start in finding the topic for my first post here. (By the way, hello!) My problem was solved, however, while listening to the local Public Radio station in my car the other night. The program that was on was CBC’s As It Happens. Aside from their having a pretty nifty […]

Happy Birthday Hitchens!

Our Thank Hitch project aims to collect videos from fans thanking him for all the good work he has done over the years. As you know he has Esophageal Cancer.

Celebrating World Homeopathy Week

A comic celebrating World Homeopathy Week

What Happens When We Run Out of Water?

Over the last century, H20 has become so convenient we take it for granted. That’s about to change.

Donald Trump and the “Birther” Conspiracy

Donald Trump has been publicly making claims that not only question whether President Obama was born in Hawaii, but insist that he was born in Kenya.  These claims are part of an overall belief that’s been termed “birtherism” – which is a conspiracy theory that asserts the media is suppressing the knowledge that Obama’s presidency is […]