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September 2011

Tim Minchin ~ St. Andrews Hall on Friday, September 30th

Tim Minchin is an iconoclast.  He’s a secular comedian and musician, and a favorite entertainer amongst skeptics due to his way of ridiculing religious and tradition dogma, and elevating science and reason.  If you’re not familiar with his work, there is an extensive catalog of his various comedic routines on youtube.  Inflatable You, If You […]

Is butanol our next biofuel?

Dependence on fossil fuels, increasing global energy demand and concerns of greenhouse gas emissions have led to an interest in alternative fuels produced from domestic renewable sources. In recent year, interest in bio-butanol has increased due to its perceived advantages over the traditional gasoline substitute, bio-ethanol. Here I will discuss the current state of bio-butanol […]

The September MISkeptics Get Together. Now with Creationists!

The September Get Together is This Saturday, the 10th, and this month we have a special treat. Our special guest will be James Kjellin, and he would like to talk to us about god. No, Seriously…