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April 2012

Announcing the May Get Together!

Our May Get Together is going to be on May 12th at 4 pm.This will be out first time at the new location, this one promises privacy and quiet. Plus they won’t lose our reservation causing us to have to find a new location at the last minute.

Michigan Skeptics Featured in Christian News Article

At our April Get Together, we had a special guest. Val wasn’t here to present to us or to deliver a lecture. She was here to learn about us. Val “Berry” Morris is a reporter for the Examiner.com. She reports on Christian topics in the Detroit area.

Paleontologists Re-debunk Aquatic Dinosaur Theory Shot Down Decades Ago

Last week, Paleontologists were required to respond to claims that dinosaurs were actually semi-aquatic creatures and stayed in water to support their great size. A theory that was thoroughly and completely debunked in the 1960s.