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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Announcing the May Get Together!

MISkeptics Get Together
We sell these at our MISkeptics store.

Our May Get Together will be on May 12th at 4 pm.This will be out first time at the new location, this one promises privacy and quiet. Plus they won’t lose our reservation causing us to have to find a new place at the last-minute.

This month is our social event and we have plenty to talk about. At our April Get Together, Val Morris stopped by to meet with us. Her article came out not too long ago and had a great review of us. Also it was our Hitchens tribute and we showed in public for the first time our Thank Hitch video that featured people from around the world thanks Chris for all the great work he has done.

We will also talk about our plans going forward with achieving non-profit status! This will help us with get famous speakers, collect grants, and will help play for all the great prizes we give out during our games and raffles. Plus all people who give can claim it on their taxes.

So you can see the Donate buttons below and over there on the right? We need your donations to help us do what we do. Please go click on that button and donate what you can for promotion critical thinking in Michigan!

So please head over to our Meetup site and RSVP. We look forward to seeing you all!


Michigan Skeptics Featured in Christian News Article

Val Berry
Val is a Christian Reporter for she is also a local traffic reporter.

At our April Get Together,  we had a special guest. Val wasn’t here to present to us or to deliver a lecture. She was here to learn about us. Val “Berry” Morris is a reporter for the She reports on Christian topics in the Detroit area. She came here to learn about something she had no experience with, the world of Skepticism and Atheism. She had never been exposed to either and wanted to learn about us and talk about what she learned.

I want to thank everyone that spoke to her and to everyone for making her feel welcome and at ease. She did not know what to expect and expected possible hostility. She learned that we are no different from anyone else and are a warm and welcoming group. She has expressed interest in doing this again and I agreed that it would be fun to do. There are a lot of misconceptions  about Atheists and Skeptics out there. It’s good that we can educate people about us.

She broke the article into two parts, because it was so long.You can find the first part here and the second part here.

Everyone should comment on the article and thank her for the great work she did. If you don’t want to register with you can comment here or send them via our contact us page.

Once Again, thanks to Val for coming out and meeting us. And thanks for the great article!


Paleontologists Re-debunk Aquatic Dinosaur Theory Shot Down Decades Ago

Dinosaurs courtesy of Wikimedia
A collection of skeletons mounted in museums of various dinosaurs. source: Wikimedia

Last week, Paleontologists were required to respond to claims that dinosaurs were actually semi-aquatic creatures and stayed in water to support their great size. A theory that was thoroughly and completely debunked in the 1960s. The Smithsonian Magazine reports:

Earlier this week, the rotting corpse of a discarded dinosaur idea rose from the depths. Brian J. Ford, a television personality and self-styled independent researcher, decided that Apatosaurus, Allosaurus and kin just looked wrong ambling about on land. Unfettered by the accumulation of scientific evidence about how dinosaurs moved and the environments they lived in, Ford decided to set scientists straight by floating an idea that had been sunk decades ago—that all large dinosaurs spent their lives in water. And, like the bad science it is, the idea strained to explain everything about dinosaur biology. Not only did the idea supposedly explain why non-avian dinosaurs went extinct—their watery homes dried up, of course—but the aquatic setting also explained the small arms of the tyrannosaurs. The great tyrants, Ford said, would catch fish and hold them close for visual inspection before downing the sashimi. Ford’s speculation is a buffet of nonsense. There is so much wrong with it, it’s hard to know where to start.

Brian J. Ford is a British Journalist and television personality. He doesn’t have a college degree but has been an advocate for science and education since he dropped out of college in 1961. His article, published in the April edition of Labratory News, (apparently with a video trailer) purports to not only provide evidence for, but actually concludes that dinosaurs were aquatic.

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