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June 2012

It’s Our Second Birthday and You Are Invited!

This month, we are celebrating our second anniversary. You are invited to come out and joins us in celebrating the ascent of reason over misconception and pseudo-science. We’re also going to talk about the future and our plans for MISkeptics. Plus we’re going to have prizes and fun. Come one out and help us celebrate!

Sam Singleton’s Atheist Revival is Coming To the Area

The Sam Singleton Atheist Revival is coming to Maumee, OH! For those of you that have not seen the Sam Singleton experience, he is a comedian that travels the country holding atheist evangelist revivals.

Jehovah’s Witness to Pay $28 Million Over Repeated Abuse of 9 Year Old Girl & Keeping It Quiet

An opinion piece in the New Statesman news magazine and website is highlighting an important stance that was recently made in the political and law world. Are organizations that silence and hide sexual abuse culpable in the crime?

Alpena, Michigan Was Apparently The Start of The American Rebellion

I came across this simply amazing piece of woo-filled-tripe (tripe-filled-woo?) today. It’s from a website I’ve never heard of before called the European Union Times. They had posted an article that I’m still having a hard time figuring out whether it’s satire. The headline reads: “380 American Rebels Reported Killed In Michigan Battle.” This article is a complete “cut and paste” from a site called Whatdoesitmean.com. Which is a home of genuine nutballery.

Gratuitous Pandering For Money

Our Second Birthday is coming up. We would like to have a great party but we need your help.