Audio Now Available From Recent Get Togethers

We’ve recorded the audio from the last several Get Togethers that had special guests, and with the help of our super audio engineer, they are now available for download.

We only have two available so far but they are good ones.

Dr. Ron Fleming




Click here to download Dr. Ron Fleming‘s talk on Thorium as a nuclear fuel.



Dr. Zachary Blount

Dr. Zachary Blount




Click here to download Dr. Zachary Blount‘s talk on his paper about documenting the steps of evolution.




We also recorded Peter Sinclair‘s talk about Climate Change and will be posting that as well. In the future we hope to record as many of our guests so that members that cannot make the Get Togethers can still listen and take part. Stay tuned! There will be more great discussions available in the near future.

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