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PineCreek, the Best Atheist YouTube Channel You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

If you’re a skeptical atheist in search of a new YouTube channel, but looking for something that isn’t heavy on mockery or debate – one that offers great conversations with a touch of class and humor – then Doug’s YouTube channel, PineCreek, is for you. He doesn’t have a ton of subscribers yet, but he probably should. His videos do tend to run long, but they’re great to listen to and he has some well known guests like Richard Carrier, Paul from Paulogia, Greg Locke and James White (though White’s comments were prerecorded). Doug  has satisfying conversations with all of them about their beliefs.

Sometimes his interviews are about religion, and not just with Christians. He interviewed several pagans on his channel. Sometimes it’s about the shape of the Earth, as he has a number of videos with flat-earthers as guests. There’s a recap of the Robert Price VS Bart Ehrman debate along with other reviews of videos posted to YouTube. And he answers comments. So do some of his guests, so be prepared for a response if you post comments about anyone he’s interviewed. If you catch his videos live, you can even participate in live chats with him and his guests.

Doug is a former Mennonite and, not unlike myself, he is married to someone who still believes in God. Here is what it says on his Twitter account:

I believe doubt is a virtue that can lead to humility and certainty can lead to arrogance.

Note that Doug’s videos can run for more than two hours, so if you can only stand small soundbites, this might not be for you. I often take them in pieces, not always listening to them in full at one sitting. But some of them are half-an-hour or less. He goes through some of his longer videos and breaks them down into chapters so you can advance through them, one subject at a time, using links in the description below his videos.

Here are some recommendations if you want to get started with Doug’s channel. I hope you’ll give it a try.

A christian who accepts evolution and one that doesn’t.

This is the video pictured at the top of the page. Doug has had both guests on before (see the other links below). Both are Christians. One is a scientist who believes evolution is true (he promotes this web site in one of his other interviews with Doug). The other is a pastor (with his own YouTube channel) who doesn’t buy into the theory. A lot of good stuff in this one.

Faith and Science; Dr. Mary Schweitzer and Dr. Randy Isaac

Randy Isaac is the scientist interviewed in the first link above. Both he and Mary are scientists who also happen to be Christians. Doug respectfully talks to them about their beliefs and about how they reconcile their faith with the knowledge of science.

Pastor Mike Winger and I talk about Objective Morality

This is another one with Mike Winger, the Pastor from the first video. Mike’s points were good enough to make me think about the merits of skepticism. I’m still a skeptic, but it isn’t that often when a believer presents ideas that I haven’t heard before.

Mike Brown, MDiv, MA: Belief, Evidence, and Dragons.

I won’t lie to you. This one was tough. So much so that I finally started commenting on it myself. Mike Brown is a PhD candidate with a B.S. in history. When Doug asks him some challenging questions about his views on the historicity of Jesus and his views on the Bible as an authoritative source, Mike refuses to answer one or more of Doug’s questions. This got a lot of us riled up, as you’ll see in the comments, where I accused him of being disingenuous because of his refusal to answer. Mike responds to many of our criticisms in the comments. Doug interviews Mike again here, and Mike talks a bit about his refusal to answer Doug’s question. One word: Dragons.

Despite the challenging nature of these videos, both are still worth a watch. Especially if you’re a Mythicist.

True or False Interview with Dr. Richard Carrier

Many of you know who Richard Carrier is. Doug and a friend get to ask him a lot of questions about the Bible and the historicity of Jesus. It would be great if Mike Brown came back on to talk about Carrier’s comments.

Talking with several flat-earthers in chat

Finally, we have a video where Doug talks with several flat-earthers. Their views are unconventional and they don’t always agree with one another.

Interviewing Ocean on his belief of the god Odin (and other beliefs)

Doug interviews a believer in Odin. Belief in gods like Odin and Zeus is still a thing.

I hope some of you will check out Doug’s page, especially if – like me – you’re bored with debates and arguing on atheist channels. I’m a subscriber. 🙂



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