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Partly Cloudy With a Chance of CO2

What do CO2 and 9/11 have in common?

I have been having a conversation that started about a week ago with some friends on FaceBook, concerning an article that ran on Financial Times web site.  It’s behind a paywall, but you can also find it in The Wall Street Journal and at Fox Nation. But I am not really sure that lack of information is purely the problem. Some of the problem is people reading headlines and assuming they mean one thing, then to actually read the content of the article and find it is not as it seems. U.S. Greenhouse Gases Drop to 15-Year Low” This was clearly a misleading Headline.

Below is the outline of the conversation from FaceBook “Quoted” and my Response.

“WE are not the predominant causers of CO2 in the atmosphere. Human kind and all of what WE produce, filling all of our needs and wants, only counts for less than 2% of the CO2 produced on a global scale. Rain forest decomposition counts for more CO2 than WE could ever even try to produce…so…why don’t we cut all those trees down and use them before they fall over, decay naturally, and release even more CO2? Oh, wait, we already have ignorant jackazzes doing that, releasing long buried viruses from old grove root systems that could, ironically, kill us quicker than “global warming”.”

You are absolutely correct, we are not the predominate producers of CO2. The figure of 2-3% is correct. However, the normal background CO2 cycle is roughly 439 gt. (gigatons) output from land and forest and 332 gt. from ocean output. That is a total of 771 gt. being put into the atmosphere and then 788 gt. is being reclaimed. That shows that 17 gt. is excess being reclaimed. Problem is that as the earth warms the excess being reclaimed will diminish until more CO2 will be entering the atmosphere than being recovered. One saving grace!… There is an 800 year lag of earth warming and CO2 recovery. (i.e.) CO2 recovery lags behind temp increases by 800 years.

Explanation of CO2 lag here: What does the lag of CO2 behind temperature in ice cores tell us about global warming?

But here is the crux of the problem… 2007 IPCC AR4 Synthesis Report found here IPCC AR4 Synthesis Report you can see that the human contribution of CO2 the 2-3% is 29 gt.that means that 12 gt is NOT getting reabsorbed via, Oceans and Forests. This is the 1.5-2.5 ppm. rise we see in Global CO2 content yearly.

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An Evening With John W Loftus


An evening with John Loftus

Dan Hall member of Great Lakes Humanists Society is looking to drum up interest in a speaking engagement with John Loftus former Pentecostal Preacher now Atheist with an earned bachelor’s degree from Great Lakes Christian College, two master’s degrees from Lincoln Christian University, a Master’s of Theology degree with half of the hours in William Lane Craig’s classes at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and then spent a year and a half in a PhD program at Marquette University in Theology and Ethics.

His extended education has taken him in various classes as “Religious Epistemology” (with Stuart Hackett) “Christian Thought Systems,” “Analytic Philosophy” (with the late Paul Feinberg), “Religion and Science” (with Bill Craig focusing on the philosophy of science),” “Theism,” “Plantinga’s Thought” (yep, under Bill Craig in the year 1984),” “Calvin” (under the late Kenneth Kantzer known as the dean of evangelicalism, where we went through Calvin’s Institutes), “Philosophers of Religion: Descartes,” “The Concept of God,” “God as Creator/Redeemer,” “Making of the Contemporary Mind” (this class by James Strauss really enlightened me), “19th Century Theology,” “Seminar: Word of God,” “Philosophy of Language,” “Apologetics: Discovering the Christian Mind,” “Theology and Hermeneutics,” “20th Century Theology,” “Historiography of Theories of History,” “Advanced Introduction to the New Testament,” “Historiography of Physical Sciences,” “Major Philosophical Thinkers/Systems,” “Historiography of Theories of Mind,” “Philosophy of Knowledge,” (with Marc F. Greisbach who had been the President of the American Catholic Philosophical Association), “Atheism and Theism,” “Theological Ethics” (with Daniel McGuire), “Protestant Christian Ethics” (with Ron Feenstra, now the Director of Doctoral Studies at Calvin Theological Seminary) and a whole host of others that were biblical and practical for ministry and teaching in the apologetical field.

He has taught apologetics for Lincoln Christian University, Great Lakes Christian College, and philosophy, ethics and critical thinking classes for the College of Lake County, Kellogg Community College, and Trine University, all as an adjunct instructor, mostly while he as in the ministry for 14 years in Christian Churches in Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana as an Associate Minister, Minister and Senior minister. He was the President of the ministerial association in the small town where He still lives.

Please send me a Thumbs up at [email protected] so we can get a good idea how many people are interested.


Debunking Christianity


Why I became an Atheist

The Christian Delusion

The End of Christianity

Henry Pollack, Ann Arbor Science & Skeptics Meet Up

Dr. Henry Pollack
Dr. Henry Pollack

Henry Pollack

Professor, Emeritus

Ph.D. Geophysics, University of Michigan, 1963-present

Global Climate Change

Ann Arbor Science & Skeptics Meet Up

Scientists have discovered ways to study the earth’s climate, going back millions of years and those who specialize in studying ancient climates are known as Paleoclimatologists. Paleoclimatologists use natural elements in the environment to find “proxy climate data” related to the past. Studies of these types use several different methods of collecting data, so they are assured of forming the most accurate analysis possible.

These principle data points come from:


Mountain Glaciers and the polar ice caps and ice sheets are a widely employed source of data in paleoclimatology. Recent ice coring projects in the ice caps of Greenland and Antarctica have yielded data going back several hundred thousand years—over 800,000 years in the case of the EPICA project.


Climatic information can be obtained through an understanding of changes in tree growth. Generally, trees respond to changes in climatic variables by speeding up or slowing down growth, which in turn is generally, reflected a greater or lesser thickness in growth rings.

Sedimentary content

Sediments, sometimes lithified to form rock, may contain remnants of preserved vegetation, animals, plankton or pollen, which may be characteristic of certain climatic zones.

Biomarker molecules such as the alkenones may yield information about their temperature of formation.

Chemical signatures, particularly Mg/Ca ratio of calcite in Foraminifera tests, can be used to reconstruct past temperature.

Isotopic ratios can provide further information. Specifically, the δ18O record responds to changes in temperature and ice volume, and the δ13C record reflects a range of factors, which are often difficult to disentangle.

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President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Watches YouTube

I spent a little time today watching the United Nations General Assembly with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I find it very disturbing that he seems to be implying that democracy is the cause of strife and poverty in the world when it was the enlightenment and democracy that promoted the majority of the world’s greatest revelations. This while implying that a totalitarian oppressive religious regime will be a greater asset in today’s society. (Let’s not forget the 13 year old girl that was stoned to death 2 years ago) Then leaps into the idea that the west developed nuclear power before the bomb to somehow justify his attempt to obtain nuclear power. As I recall from history it was the other way around. Frankly the area that he lives in would lend itself better to wind and solar power anyway. (Go green man) Well, then he goes right into the old tale of the US involvement in 9/11 that somehow we conspired to allow it to happen. Mr. Ahmadinejad you need to stop watching youtube and start watching more porn it is better for the nerves.

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