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The Drunken Skeptics Episode 11: Expat

The latest Drunken Skeptics is out! Episode 11 is fresh and ready for your aggregators to consume!

In this episode we talk about TEDxDetroit, What Chris and Michelle have been doing with their time and as always we have Whiskey and Shenanigans!

The Drunken Skeptics Episode 10: Redux

It’s time for another episode of the Drunken Skeptics! In this episode, we are doing a News Roundup. We have selected several news topics that we think are important for both the Michigan and the Nation. Everything from science to politics, with some alcohol thrown in for good measure.

The Drunken Skeptics Episode 9: We Get Mail

In this episode, we have another Drunken Debate, we talk about some of the mail that we get and an always, our Whiskey and Shenanigans.

We get some strange emails. Here are just a few of the strange offerings to show up in our inbox. Feel free to take a listen and to try and figure out just what the hell they are saying!

Episode 8 of the Drunken Skeptics Podcast

It’s time for another episode of the Drunken Skeptics! Episode 8: Quarantine is out and available for you to enjoy immediately! In this Episode: We talk with Bria Marie Wall on black Atheists in Detroit and about being a black Atheist. We have a new segment. It’s called the Drunken Debate! Chris play the true believer role and tries to refute Michelle’s reason. It’s a good debate to hear! As always we have our Whiskey and Shenanigans.

Episode 7 of the Drunken Skeptics Podcast

The Drunken Skeptics are back! The long hiatus is finally over and we are once again making shows that annoy the pious and the sober. In this episode, we talk with Tom and Kate Borninski of Camp Quest Michigan. A secular summer camp for kids of freethinking families.

The Drunken Skeptics Podcast: Episode Supplemental

While the Drunken Skeptics remain on hiatus, Chris flexed his interview muscle and brought us an interview with Ben Lillie and Brian Wecht of Story Collider.

Bonus Podcast Interview with Dr. Robert Price

While the Drunken Skeptics podcast is on hiatus, Chris got to talk with Dr. Robert M Price (Point of Inquiry, The Bible Geek) about something he’s particularly passionate about – the music and lyrics of Rush.

Walking in an Underwater Land: Episode 6 of the Drunken Skeptics

In this episode we have a recording of a presentation that was given at one of our Get Togethers. Our speaker that month was Peter Sinclair of Climate Crocks. His blog and Youtube channel are simply amazing! He gave a wonderful presentation that we saved just for you.

Episode 6 Preview!

Episode 6 of the Drunken Skeptics will be out in a few days. I the meantime here is a little preview of what’s coming up.

Brian Dunning Responds to the Skeptoid DDT Issues

Back in episode 4 of the Drunken Skeptics we had the honor of talking with Brian Dunning where he touched on a little of the heat that was coming down on his DDT episode. Since then, there has been a buzz going around the skeptic community about it.