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All the Science new and conversation that’s fit to print. And several pieces that probably aren’t.

MISkeptics April Get Together: The Idea of a Basic Income

Our special guest this month is MISkeptics member and contributor Marc Stemmer. Marc has extensively studied the philosophy and practice of a Basic Income and will present his research. We will learn the positives, the negatives and clear away the hype associated with it.

Skeptics in the Pub: Conclave!

We are moving our normal second Saturday Get Together back in a week to host a special event. This Saturday come join us for a special Skeptics in the Pub at ConClave!

Energy Is Not a Solved Problem: The MISkeptics Get Together

This month we are looking at energy storage and production. The presentation will have three parts, why is storage important for the grid, why is it hard, and what the future may hold.

Today at 3PM: Peter Sinclair will be a guest on The Magic Sandwich Show

Peter Sinclair, one of our recent Get Together guests and blogger on Climate Denial Crock of the Week will be a guest on The Magic Sandwich Show. The Magic Sandwich Show is a bi-weekly live call in show, broadcast every other Sunday on BlogTV and uStream. During the show a panel of 3 or 4 […]

Our March Get Together: MUFON

This month we are pleased to welcome William Konkolesky, the State Director for MUFON, The Mutual UFO Network.

Audio Now Available From Recent Get Togethers

We’ve recorded the audio from the last several Get Togethers that had special guests, and with the help of our super audio engineer, they are now available for download.

It’s Time For Our Annual Darwin Day Event

This month we are going to celebrate Darwin Day. February marks Charles Darwin’s 204th birthday. We have a documentary, a presentation and games with prizes planned.

The First Get Together of 2013!

This month we welcome back Peter Sinclair of Climatecrocks.com to update us on the science and politics of climate change/denial. He was last with us two years ago and there’s a lot to be updated about.

The MISkeptics November Get Together: Evolution Is As Complicated As 1-2-3

Our next Get Together will be Saturday, November 10th, at 1:00 PM. This month we will have a special guest. Joining us will be Dr. Zachary Blount. He is a post-doctoral researcher at the Beacon Center for the Study of Evolution in Action. He is also the lead author on a new paper in the latest edition of Nature.

This Saturday: A guided tour of The Henry Ford

We’ve got a little treat lined up. Our very own Diane has managed to score us a guided tour of Benson Ford Research Center at The Henry Ford Museum.

This two hour event also includes the archives that are normally off-limits to normal visitors, including the giant refrigerated area designed to preserve artifacts and items. Bring a jacket, it will probably get chilly in there!